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4725 Northeast 35th Street
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POST is a student-led outdoor education program based out of Seattle. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and are one of the largest student run organizations in Washington, with over 350 members. We run a variety of trips for students.


We strive to encourage environmental awareness, leadership, diversity, self-confidence, and knowledge of the outdoors. We help to build a sense of community, which may not otherwise be found in an urban environment. Our trips range in activity from rock climbing to snow camping, basic survival skills to kayaking, and hiking to alpine climbing.


We run several trips around Washington as well as a Spring Break trip to Moab, Utah. For more information about trips and other POST activities, see the Trips page. All trips are entirely planned and run by student staff, with a number of adult chaperones who supervise the activities.


All student staff have completed our Wilderness Survival and Advanced Survival, which are outdoor skills oriented trips, as well as the staff training program. All staff have also completed first aid training, with all Team Staff being Wilderness First Aid (WFA) or Mountaineering Oriented First Aid (MOFA) certified.


Our Executive Committee of thirteen student staff oversee and run most of our trips and specific organizational aspects of POST. Our adult advisor is Scott MacGowan who has a strong background in outdoor education and leadership.


POST strives to accommodate the needs of all students. We have scholarships and fundraising opportunities for all trips so that all students may participate in our program. We also have a large inventory of gear that ranges from rock climbing harnesses to more basic gear such as backpacks and sleeping bags, which are available for students to borrow for trips. For more information on gear, contact Kevin Ting (206 724-3999). For the continued success of our program and to allow anyone to go on our trips, your help is appreciated. In kind and financial donations help sustain funding that trip proceeds don’t cover, and information on helping in such an awesome way is available on the home page. $45 will cover a full scholarship for a 3 day survival trip.

Drug Policy

POST is a drug-free organization. We do not tolerate any form of drugs or alcohol and there are strict consequences for bringing these substances on POST trips. If you’re on staff and you’re caught with illegal substances, you will face a 1 year suspension from the program, lose your staff position, and face any other consequences. Campers will receive a 1 year suspension from trips if they violate the drug free trips rule, along with facing other consequences. Students on POST trips are still subject to ALL rules and restrictions, and will be punished accordingly if found to be disobeying the POST protocol.

Disassociation with the Seattle School District

At the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, the Seattle Public School District developed new field trip policies with a rule that required paperwork to be turned in three months in advance. These policies were put in place mainly to keep the district from being liable for what happens on any school field trip, not just a POST trip. Administration tried to guide school programs through the new rules, but the changes greatly inhibited POST’s ability to run field trips, as well as other programs, like jazz and orchestra.

POST was tied directly to the Seattle School District through a Natural Resources class. Natural Resources created a space for POST staff, and anyone else who wished to enroll, to learn more about the environment, risk management, leadership skills and more. The previous teacher for Natural Resources is not able to teach the class second semester, so without the class POST is no longer connected to the Seattle Public Schools.

Because of the new district obstacles earlier in the year, and no teacher, POST as a program decided to become private. Advanced Survival, and POST trips for the rest of the year, will run through the Boy Scouts. POST and the Boy Scouts have partnered in the past, as many field trips have been double insured through both the Seattle Public Schools and the Boy Scouts. POST has now been established as a non-profit organization filing to become a 501-3c organization. The new structure for the private non-profit organization is as follows: POST is run by a student Executive Committee, an adult Board of Directors, Scott MacGowan, the Interim Director, and student staff. Partnering with the Boy Scouts will give POST the opportunity to run a greater number of trips, use new properties owned by the Boy Scouts, and maintain the community POST has built around outdoor opportunities.

Through this transition, POST is committed to maintaining its focus on outdoor education, safety and experiential learning. We strive to grow our communications with parents and students, so if you have questions or comments please feel free to contact us.